Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday List- What Gets Done

This is what I am doing:

1.  I'm running a 5K today.  That is 3.1 miles, folks.  I've only run further once, and that was when I ran a trail that is 4.7 miles long.  (And I did that about three years ago.)  Today, I am running on a trail, too--only I have to cover it twice to make the mileage!

2.  I'm also dropping L off at a hair appointment while I do a bit of shopping.  I need a couple things for school.  I don't plan to do much as this is move-in weekend for all the University students in U town.  It is likely to be a zoo!!

3. The first three days of school are over and I already have papers to grade and lessons to plan for next week.  Yep.  Already! 

4. L is hoping to spend a bit of time at the pool.  We will probably spend part of our afternoon swimming.  I have missed that place, though it will be nice to go and NOT have to clean it!

5. I am planning to catch up on blog friends.  It has been at least two weeks since I have read most of my favorite blogs.  I feel so out of it.  It is time to rejoin the world!!

6.  At some point, I'm almost positive that L will have me down at the football stadium walking the track, running the stairs, and working abs and upper body.  Little slave driver.  (OK.  So, it isn't like I don't need it.  I just like to whine!)

What Should Get Done

1.  The house could use some digging out.  Yes, I admit that the dust is catching up with me. 

2.  I should drag out some of the fall decorations: pumpkins and scarecrows.  If I don't do it this weekend, we might go from patriotic to Christmas.  (It has been known to happen!)

3.  The carpets need to be cleaned.  The house needs to be painted.  Don't get me started.  The list is long.

All in good time.


Kim said...

Wow! I'm going to walk a 5K in three weeks - a benefit for some friends' little girl in Junction City. So I'm really impressed that you are actually running. You are right about U-Town. Avoid WalMart and Target at all costs! I think the pool has to win out over the dusting since the season is almost over (and the season for dusting is NEVER over). Have a great weekend! (I'm still patriotic around here, by the way. I'll give it until September.)

Mary said...

I bought a few fall things for school today. I LOVE decorating for fall! Isn't it terrible that there isn't enough time at the beginning of the school year to read blogs? I'm way behind, too!

Dandy said...

Really the to do list never ends. Ever.

I'd say if I was running a 5k then that would pretty much take up my to do for the week. Or longer.