Sunday, October 10, 2010


My students were typing essays this past week.  We talked about the format required like double spaced, 12 point font, etc.  During 1st hour a student asked, wait for it...

 "Do you mean we have to hit the space bar twice between every word?" 

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These are sophomores.  It scares me.

"I teach, therefore I drink."


Mary said...

I hope you're keeping these so you can write a book! LOL! :D

B. Meandering said...

LOL! I started reading my junior college prep students' essays. One used 'i' all the way through. He properly capitalized the other words, but used little i. It was a personal essay, so the use of the word was okay, but little i?! And two others center-spaced their essays as if they were writing a poem.

I really like that quote. If I hadn't had my granddaughter overnight, I would have popped the lid off a wine cooler---not a usual habit of mine, but the thought of 32 such essays---yikes!

2Thinks said...

Just don't drink and drive. :)