Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love Is In The Details

Short post today.  I had a meeting last night and a big game tonight.  Maybe you could use a bit of a break anyway.  The reception post will have to wait until the weekend. 

I'm adding just a few pictures of some of the smaller details: the fun stuff, sweet stuff, and downright sentimental stuff. 

Someone asked me what K's colors were for her wedding.  Hmmm...the maid of honor wore a deep purple, table runners were green and brown, there were pumpkins, apples, branches, lots of candles in glass, and we all wore pink shoes.  I think "outdoors" was the theme, with a bit of the bride's favorite pink.
That crazy maid of honor is in the 3-4 inch heels on the left.  The bride and I wore kitten heels.  We're older and more sensible.  I bet you can guess who stayed in their heels the longest! Oh, and I bet you can guess whose toes are the least decorated. (That would be the really old, sensible one!)
K's only concern with the cake was the cake topper.  She wanted to use the topper that had been on her Grandma and Grandpa's cake 60 some years ago.  The Mr. and I had found it years ago in a box of his family's old photos.  It still had net and a bit of dried icing on it when we found it.  We cleaned it up and displayed it on a shelf for years. K had it put on the top of her wedding cake and included her grandparents wedding picture on the table. You can see it on the right.

And here is Grandma seeing the cake, topper, and her picture with Grandpa. I think she was touched by K's tribute.  It was just another link to the generations that have gone before.  And the circle remains unbroken...
All photos in this post are courtesy of my dear kid sister.  (Well, except the shoe photo!)


FlowerLady said...

Love the sweet details and the look on Grandma's face is priceless.

Those pink shoes and painted toes are pretty. The last wedding we went to was a family wedding and I wore high heels, danced for quite awhile in them, but then my SIL, mother of the groom and I decided it was time to kick of our shoes and go barefoot because our feet were killing us, and under a cloth covered table the shoes went. My ankles were killing me, as they just were NOT used to those shoes for that length of time. :-)


Kim said...

Love the apple candles and the cake topper. Have fun at the game! Look for me - ha!

Mary said...

The decorations are lovely! Perfectly fall! Love the cake topper and the look on Grandma's face. So incredibly sweet!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

LOVE the pic of her Grandma. Love that your girls are so sentimental. And that quote that was displayed was just perfect - I'm remembering that one!

margie said...

okay, made me weepy.

ch said...

Just perfection. And 3 cheers for apple candles. How lovely and literally sweet.

Puna said...

It all looks so gorgeous! I feel your love in every word.

B. Meandering said...

Love all the little details---so vital to the day being perfect.

GREAT shoes--awesome color.

Ahem--I'm 56 and my polish on my toes can rival your girls. We teachers have to be so sensible---so I look for little ways to be a little crazy:nails are one way.