Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reception Part I

When K and CT started planning this reception/party, there were only two main requirements:  a relaxed party and good food.  They held the reception on the Saturday after the wedding took place on Thursday, so that the nerves of the actual ceremony would be over. 

By the time "kids" get to this age, the numbers start gaining on you.  They have high school, college, and work friends.  They had to edit their guest list quite a bit. They had a hard time with this, but their parents had a harder time.  (There was a whole 2nd generation of my dear relatives and quite a few work colleagues that we didn't have room to include.  About killed me!)  In the end, the goal was to surround themselves with the people who love them and the ones who have maintained a close relationship through the years. 

For the food:  CT's dad and friend took care of the meat and baked beans.  They smoked and barbequed pork and deep fat fried 15 turkeys. 
There was delicious pork and turkey, baked beans, veggie and fruit platters, and pasta salad.  A friend of CT's family provided all the serving platters, took care fruit and veggies, and also decorated the food table.  The girls on Easy Street made the pasta salad, with help from Aunt B.  On the night of the reception, two of the Mr.'s work colleagues manned the food table and refilled dishes.  All of the help was greatly appreciated!

The bar was covered by a couple who are colleagues, too.  They were good sports and in charge of one of the most popular spots of the evening.

K's beautician friend volunteered to do her hair again for the reception.

And after final touches, everything was ready:

After people arrived, the happy newlyweds made their entrance:
They greeted their guests as people made their way through the food lines.
People ate and drank, and finally K and CT had a chance to eat, too.  At the end of the eating, there were toasts.
L revealed how there were two things the women in our family are known for:  klutziness and tears. She guaranteed that we would see both from the bride before the end of the evening.  Prophetic words.
The best man (CT's little brother) is a bit of a wild card. The bride and groom might have been holding their breath.  He said that if you didn't have a nickname, you didn't know CT.  He looked around the room and reeled off a ton of nicknames CT had for different guests... all of them in fairly good taste.  He ended by saying the only nickname he really wants is Uncle S.  He told them to get working on it.

The bride and groom enjoyed both toasts and probably breathed a sigh of relief that they weren't too embarrassing.

After the toast we shared a video slideshow of K and CT from childhoods to dating and ended with photos from their wedding on Thursday night.
Then it was time for the cake cutting. CT's aunt made the cake in vanilla and strawberry layers.
CT feeds K the cake.  No problem.  K goes to feed CT the cake and...
klutziness rears its ugly head!  Thankfully, CT is used to K by now.  He expects anything...and loves her anyway!
Tomorrow, we'll pick it up with the dance.  I'll leave you with some of the love:

Young and old celebrated with K and CT.  And it was just what they wanted.


Puna said...

It looks like a wonderful time! I love K's dress! She looks so beautiful.

Mary said...

Everything looks perfect! Just like a wedding reception should be!

FlowerLady said...

The reception looks like such fun and filled with love, good food, and will be a wonderful memory for many.


Katie (Can't Get There) said...

What a perfect reception to celebrate love and family - the two things you can never live without. :)