Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday List- How to Live Like Baxter

If you were to be Baxter for the day:

*5:00 every morning, you would bark to go outside.  You're more reliable than any alarm.
*You would need to go on two long walks every day to run off your excess energy.
*You would sprawl on the very top of wing back chairs to get the best view of the house.  Snoopy's got nothing on you!
*Chasing leaves would occupy a lot of time on the walk. 
*Running through the leaves and spinning like a madman is your greatest joy.  (I think you like the crunchy noise.)
*Your favorite place to sleep is on top of someone's feet.
*You chew, chew, chew:  rocks, sticks, remotes, ink pens, carpeting, area rugs, chair legs, and rawhide bones.  (Yeah, don't ask what he has ruined so far.)
*You would think that you are 10 feet tall and bullet proof.  You're an idiot when bigger, meaner dogs come after you.
*If you think the Mr. should be walking you, you will lay down on the drive like you're not going until he comes out.  Sometimes you try to run back into the house, tugging the leash that direction.
*You pick up the paper and bring it into the house every morning.
*Cars are only meant for one thing--going for a ride, preferrably with the windows down, your head hanging out, and your ears flopping in the wind.
*You would tolerate me singing ridiculous songs to you.  ("You and me baby we're stuck like glue!" and "Santa Baby" with the words "Baxter Baby" instead. I'm glad there are no hidden cameras.) 
*You'd be spoiled rotten and pretty darn cute.  (Kind of like a baby:  you're cute so we don't want to seriously hurt you!)


Mary said...

That Baxter is just adorable! I would love to see him playing with the leaves...I've never had a dog that would do that!

B. Meandering said...

Sounds like an adorable dog even if he chews. My female cat chews leather and books. We have to hide a particular pair of my husbands'shoes. She's ruined one of his favorite belts, and my journal has teeth marks.
Aren't pets grand?! Seriously.

Relyn said...

Love this! I seem to be having trouble blogging every day and visiting all my friends. Still, I did want to come and say hello. Happy end of fall, my friend.