Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Photos

I couldn't believe it.  The photographer had over 1200 pictures of the wedding.  He couldn't believe it either.  He said an "all day" affair will have that many shots, but the light was so perfect at K and CT's outdoor wedding that he went a little crazy. 

There are some definite favorites. 

The Ceremony
 After the ceremony
The wedding party

The bride and groom
Behind the scenes--picking stickers out of the dress.
Pretty much worth it for shots like these!

These aren't even the photos that he re-touched.  There are also a lot of family pictures to share. Those will be coming in the future.  


FlowerLady said...

Wonderful pictures of a beautiful joyous time.

The bride is lovely and the groom handsome and they look so happy and in love.

I love the picture of him picking stickers out of her dress, and the one of them kissing in the field.


Kim said...

Love the sister shot and the one of you and the Mr. The sun-kissed one in the field? Well, that goes without saying. Keep sharing!

Lesley A. Owens said...

They're all beautiful, but that last one is absolutely breathtaking! What a lovely day for a wedding!

Gayle said...

What lovely photos! Mrs. e, you have a very good looking family!

Puna said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for posting them!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I love how relaxed everyone looks! You can tell what a good time you have together. :) And that last shot? Is my favorite wedding picture I have ever, ever seen. Simply gorgeous.

Mary said...

Oh.My. I can see why those are some of your favorites! Stunning.

margie said...

they are just GORGEOUS.