Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caribou Coffee Again

I told you I loved Caribou Coffee.  That place is the best!  After raving about their posters, the manager called and told me they had saved me one of the posters they pulled down to make room for their holiday posters. 
When I picked it up, I was surprised to find there are two sides to the poster! 
I can't wait to hang this poster in my new classroom! 

They've also inspired me to turn a couple of my own photos into posters.  The business department at our school can print them to poster size and will also be able to put writing over the photo just like Caribou's!!

Yes, I am excited!  And I'm quite happy to put in a plug for what has become my favorite coffee shop!


Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Wish we had them here. I have had a few of their Caribou Coffee bars and they are DELICIOUS!

Mary said...

You know, when I look at a photograph in a frame that a professional is selling, I don't see a whole lot of difference in some of the pictures we've taken, especially of the landscape around here. Vienna Coffee is taking off around here. There's a new shop in town, but I haven't been by there yet. Soon...very soon!