Thursday, December 9, 2010


The countdown is on...16 shopping days until Christmas. However, that countdown isn't taking priority this year!

In Tiny Town, our countdown is a bit different..

There are 9 (count 'em!) school days left in Trailer High!  I am starting to pack up my half of the modular/trailer. I plan to pack as much as I can so that there isn't much left to do on the morning of January 5th.  Well, except to move the boxes into my new classroom. 

At least one thing will be left behind in my trailer classroom:  the countdown that is inching its way across the whiteboard at the front of my room.  I'm leaving that mark.  There will be sheer joy when I write zero!

As much work as there is to do between now and the move, I'm so excited--it doesn't matter!  This work is an absolute joy!   


FlowerLady said...

Mrs. E. ~ I can feel your excitement and I am happy for you and your whole school and town. I look forward to seeing pictures too.

Love and hugs and a happy Christmas season to you,


Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I am so excited for you!! Anything you need for a classroom-warming gift? (hint, hint)

margie said...

such a long time coming, such a long recovery for you, your students and fellow teachers and your town. mazel tov.