Friday, December 10, 2010


It's Friday.  It feels like Saturday.  I've been trying to figure out why.

The Mr. usually has Friday off, but he switched with a colleague and took yesterday off because the colleague needed Friday. 

Both K and L have today without students.  K has appointments.  L has a work day. 

The lunch bunch had a finger food party at lunch yesterday for a departing student teacher.  (Those are usually Friday parties.)

My classes took a quiz and then watched the movie up through the killing of Caesar.  Usually, I end the week with a quiz or test. (Oh, and I usually save the blood and guts until Friday, too!)

Me?  I feel like I'm teaching on a Saturday.  My body says it is Saturday, so why doesn't the calendar?


Mary said...

Just getting caught up on reading. Wow! Moving day is almost here! Post picts of your new digs! Don't you just hate when your body tells you it's a certain day but you know it's not? Have a good weekend!

puna said...

It's Saturday! And hope you had a moment to breath.