Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Week

I feel like I haven't been home and in my "regular" world for several days.  And even when I was attempting to live my normal life, I felt out of sync. 

When the Mr.'s mom died on Monday night, I had the school hire a sub for Tuesday.  I scrambled to leave lesson plans that a sub could teach, and the Mr. and I joined the rest of his family to finalize funeral plans. Mom E. had pre-planned her funeral-- a blessing.

I spent the afternoon hunting pictures for a video of Mom E.'s life.  I tried to begin her obituary, but just couldn't do it.  We took off for U town that evening to take L out for her birthday.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't her best birthday ever, but it was good to spend some time with her. 

Arriving home, we found an envelope for the Mr.  Now, most of the time the Mr. has been pretty composed this week.  He opened this little package, couldn't speak, and tears filled his eyes.
Two of the Mr.'s favorite little ones in Tiny Town had made him sympathy cards.  "I'm praying for you.  I love you" was from the kindergartner.  And "I'm sorry about your mom" from the 4 year old.  They included a bag of M&M's, the treat the Mr. has used to win them over at ballgames for the past couple of years.  It was so thoughtful and got to him as much as anything had.  Compassion from little touching. I'm not sure they'll ever know how much it meant to him.
Here's a picture of the Mr. with his little friends at a ballgame just a couple of weeks ago. Their mom took this when they went down to sit on his lap for a bit.  (Are they not the cutest things?)

After the day off, the Mr. and I both worked on Wednesday and Thursday.  Besides compiling and emailing pictures in the evening, I also wrote Mom E.'s obituary. 

Thursday night was the visitation at the funeral home.  It was a reunion of folks from the Mr.'s little hometown, as was her funeral today at their country church.  Old friends gathered and remembered and laughed.  Cousins had made the trip to pay their respects, so it was a family reunion of sorts, too. 

There were so many touching moments this week.  All five of my dad's sisters sent sympathy cards, and they all arrived on the same day.  So sweet.  (They always make us feel so loved.) Ditto that for my dad and siblings who sent a beautiful spray of flowers.  Tiny Town friends made the trip to the visitation and/or the funeral.  In the midst of their hectic lives, they still made time to support the Mr. 

Tonight we are somewhat collapsed.  However, no one could possibly be more exhausted than the Mr.'s little brother and his wife.  They have opened their house to us all week.  They've fed us, organized Mom E.'s affairs, and taken phone calls.  For 23 years we have relied on the little brother to take care of Mom E., and this week he and his wife have taken care of all of us.  I hope they know how much we appreciate everything they have sacrificed and everything they have done. We'll never be able to repay them.

I'd like to think we are done, but Mom E.'s apartment still needs to be emptied.  That is Sunday's job. 

It has been a long week, a sad week, but a good week.  I might not have a clue what day it is, but I know I won't forget the week.  There have been tears, but there has also been the love of family and friends to support us.  There has been laughter and wine and time with handsome nephews.  There have been hugs from the Mr.'s cousins who we don't see often enough.  But mainly there have been a lot of fond memories and funny stories. 

And through it all, you could almost feel Mom E. smiling down on us. 


Anonymous said...

Tears.......Hugs......Smiles.......FAMILY!!! Love you!!! R

Anonymous said...

What a touching tribute. Everyone loved Majorie. She will live on through the lives of her children and grandchildren. Here is my testimony about the character of your husband way back when he was about 12. Junior choir practice was on Wed after school and at the time I was the leader. I was expecting Kim and all of a sudden knew I was going to pass out. Rick was so perseptive and rush from his row to assist me to a pew. All my life I have remembered this happening in my life and the very young boy who instantly reacted to an embarrassing situation. Majorie and Lee were great parents. Paraise to our Lord. They are together once again. MM

Pastor Sharon said...

Wow, what a week! With loss and grief comes the need to make sure you guys take care of yourselves.

I'm sending prayers and hugs your way. Anything else you need, email me.


consistently inconsistent said...

Your writing is beautiful, as always. I am keeping your family's hearts in mine. Hoping for peace and solice during this difficult time.
I love that you can feel her.
Much Love,

Erika Ritschard said...

This made me cry! I am so sorry for your families loss, you are all in my prayers!

Mary said...

So sorry about your MIL. Those cards were incredibly sweet...what sweet little girls to think of Mr. E and follow through.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

What a week! I'm sure Mom E. was indeed watching over everyone, sending a ray of sunshine when she could, and a soft hand on your back - almost felt - at other times. Thank god for family and friends, because how else would we ever get through this crazy life? hugs!