Sunday, January 23, 2011

Timing Is Everything

Do you know how sometimes you're having a fairly crummy day and something happens that brings a little sunshine to your heart? 

We've had a lot of those moments this week.  Several, you've already heard about:  my dad's sisters all sending cards that arrived on the same day or the sweet notes from the little ones that were waiting for us when we arrived home after a long day of funeral planning. Even the church friend who delivered sandwich makings and fruit last night couldn't have had better timing.  There have been many cards, sweet emails, and calls-- we are so blessed.

This moment, however, isn't funeral related--except that the timing was perfect.

We didn't arrive home until after dark on the day of the funeral.  Both of us were dragging a bit.  It had been an emotional day.  Then we saw a package hanging on the front door.  (Our postman couldn't fit our mail into our mailbox.)  As soon as I saw the address on the package, I recognized it was from blog friend, Katie at Can't Get There From Here.  And then I remembered...

Katie had blogged about "West Wing."  I loved that television show, and I mean absolutely loved it! It was witty, fast paced, and well written.  It isn't often that a television show leaves me something to think about, but West Wing almost always did.

Anyway, when Katie found out I was a "West Wing" fan, she said she was going to send me something that she had sent to her sister--a "West Wing" quote jar.  And sure enough... here it was!
My mood went from weary and sad to delighted.  I reached into the jar and pulled out one quote.  (Actually, then I had to pull two more.  Such good memories of that show.)
The first quote I pulled out had the Mr. and me laughing.  It was so apropos for the daunting job ahead of emptying out Mom E.'s apartment.  I have to share it.  (And hope I don't offend any regular or irregular reader.) 

"I've been thinking it might not be such a bad idea to lock you all in here and set the place on fire... We will work hard, we will work well, and we will work together.  Or so help me, mother of God, I will stick a pitchfork so far up your a$$*$ you will quite simply be dead." 

Oh, we got a laugh out of that one.  Siblings dividing up the last of the family heirlooms?  Yep.  It fits! 

Thank you dear, Katie.  I knew when I found your blog that I had found a kindred spirit:  two daughters, a reader, a runner, a dear sister who lives across the country, and a shared love of movies and good television.  Yep.  We were going to be friends. 

I know there wasn't a plan to bolster our moods on Easy Street, but you certainly did, Katie.  And boy am I going to be enjoying those quotes every day for a year! (And thinking of you every single time I pull a quote out of the jar.)

Oh, and if the Mr.'s siblings hear me giggling today while we are emptying the apartment--you can be absolutely certain what I'm thinking!!


Mary said...

That's great! I found Katie through you and thoroughly enjoy reading her blog! Isn't it great when you connect with somebody? So glad she did that for you, and that the timing was perfect!

Pastor Sharon said...

Ha! That quote is perfect timing for the task at hand!

B. Meandering said...

I loved West Wing also as did my husband. My daughter would watch it out in Texas and we'd share thoughts.
Who said that quote? The president? Lou?

I've been having a rough time at school, so got behind on your blog. I'm sorry about your mother-in-law. So glad you have good memories.

When my hubby's mom died (his dad was already gone), they solved the antique issues by having all those siblings put their names on paper and drew a name. That person chose first and so one. They'd keep putting the names back in until all were chosen. It never came out the same order every time. But this was after they had gone over the items they knew were already specified by their parents.
It actually went smoothly.

Hope you can get rested and back in your routine.

puna said...

What a completely wonderful thing.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Awwww! So glad I could help out, my friend! Wish there was more I could do, but I will be happy knowing I made you and the Mr. smile on a day when it was really, truly needed.

(P.S. @B. Meandering, the quote is by Bruno Gianelli during the teaser of Manchester either I or II at the beginning of Season 3. Yes, I'm a freak. ha!)