Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CraZy CoLLeAguE

I have a colleague who is quite whimsical.  We have both been teaching at Tiny Town High the same number of years.  I age.  She still retains that childlike curiosity and playfulness that she came in with 29 years ago. 

Several years ago she made dangle snowflake earrings for all of us in the English Department.  When we were feeling the need for a magical Christmas snow, we were to wear the earrings.  She insisted that there was magic in the earrings--and sure enough, we'd get a snow. Feeling a little blah in January?  Wear the earrings and voila!

This year the earrings have been a little too potent.  Our district builds at least 5 snow days into our calendar, and this year that hasn't been enough.  We've had so many snow days, that we are having to give up our vacation day for doing evening parent-teacher conferences.  We're saying goodbye to Good Friday, too. Drat!

Yesterday, CraZy CoLLeaGue gave each of us a pair of dangle flip flop earrings.  They are the cutest things.  She is certain that "If we wear them, it will come."  "It" being the sun!  Let's hope she's right. 

All day yesterday I was humming that song that seems to go with the flip flops:

Something about toes in the water and rear in the sand.  (OK. I censored the lyrics a bit, but I might have added something about a margarita in each hand.) 

Oh, don't get me wrong.  I still want to go skiing.  It's just if I can't snow ski--then I don't need any more snow this winter.  Bring on the sunshine!  Bring on the flip flops!

Let's hope these little gems work!


Mary said...

Flip flop earrings: how great! It helps to have someone around with a great sense of humor! The past couple of days have been in the 60's...flip flops are out here!

troutbirder said...

I think that many years teaching has made most of us either whimsical, cynical or downright nutty.

Relyn said...

I like that colleague of yours. We all need at least one of them. Plus, we could use her magic MoJo around these parts, too.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Catching up on all of my blog reading...don't know if those flippy flops have brought you any magic, but the weather's been gorgeous down here! SO thank you!