Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

 Valentine's Day.  February 14th.  I'm not a huge fan of this holiday. 

Too many young girls pin all their hopes on this date.  They hope to have flowers sent to school.  Older girls worry about having a date or someone to share the evening with.  And more girls are disappointed than thrilled. 

To be be honest, it is just another day.  We send cards when we're in grade school.  We eat those little conversation hearts.  Reservations at restaurants are hard to come by.  Chocolate has been on the shelves since Christmas.  Florists are inundated; red roses are usually the flower of choice.  Everyone jumps through the same old hoops, and all in the name of romance.

It all seems a bit premeditated and/or forced.  I'd rather the Mr. bring me chocolate or flowers for no particular reason, but just because he happened to be in line somewhere and thought of it.  On the other hand, he cooks for me all the time which should be gift enough.

My gift to him is letting him watch old westerns and his sport of choice.  (OK.  I might whine a bit about that.)  Actually, I'm taking in a college basketball game on Saturday.  He wants to go.  I'm going because he wants to go.

I wouldn't say no to a surprise Valentine ski trip or an Ipad or a color nook or a camera upgrade or...   Well, I bet you get the drift.  Of course, he shouldn't feel bound by Valentine's Day.  He can surprise me with those any ol' time he wants! (He might want to wait until his checkbook can swing it!)

Actually, I'm celebrating Heart Day by making healthy hearts a priority.  Isn't that romantic?  The Mr. is off for his morning swim, while Baxter and I run and walk his morning path.  The nice weather has made running possible again.  I'm hoping it holds.  The sunshine is good for all of us!

Happy Healthy Heart Day to you!


Mary said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm with you: it's just another day, but CH is more than welcome to surprise me with all of those things any day of the year! Except for flowers: not a big fan of getting flowers 'cause they just die. I'd rather have a good dinner or something that will last.

ch said...

We're kind of suckers for healthy heart celebrating around here, too. Although, rather than running or swimming, LC just likes to up my heart rate with sounds of crashing and destruction outside my immediate range of view. Not so much a runner...more a frequent, "Oh Sweet Jesus, what was THAT?!" sprinter at regular intervals throughout the day.

B. Meandering said...

I'm with you about Valentine's Day. I'd rather celebrate our love every day and make a point of surprising each other when we least expect it.

I saw your Sat. list. I have to wear acrylic nails too--I'll bite my real nails to they bleed. However, I'm not a fan of having my teeth worked on, so I don't bite acrylics!

Linda P said...

In some ways you're right my dear, but when you've been married, by God's grace, 45 years with many ups and downs and lots of give and take, it's nice to mark a special day of caring.
I enjoyed Valentine's Day now we are retired and have more time together and I know my husband enjoyed it too. By the way, both our daughters are single Mums (one widowed and one recently separated) so there's a lot of sadness on this day, too. We can only love them and the grandchildren, support them and pray for them.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I love the idea of making vday a heart-healthy day! FOcusing on that next year. :)