Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

This hasn't been the best of weeks, but it wasn't all bad either. 

Here's the breakdown:

1.  The Mr. brought me a Ghiradelli's dark chocolate and mint bar for Valentine's Day.  Does he know me or what?  I bought him mixed nuts--quite apropos for our family.

2.  K and CT invited us to dinner on Valentine's Day.  CT grilled hamburgers.  (And I made peanut butter pie--a new favorite!)  Grilling in February?  Check out  #4.

3.  I had dinner with L on Tuesday night before my hair appointment.  It is always good to see her and catch up a bit.  And we managed to cram in a bit of Target time, too.

4.  The weather this week has been wonderful!  I'm thinking the flip flop earrings my colleague gave us might be magical after all!  This is flip flop weather.  Combine that with the full moon, and this has been a beautiful week!

5.  Still, still, still... no voice means a lot of quiet.  Parent Teacher conferences go mighty fast when the teacher has no voice.  L thinks I sound like a cartoon character.  I'm still debating whether to go to the Dr. or not.  I'm not sure there is much they can give me for laryngitis.

6.  I am back running again.  A mile and a half is better than nothing.  (And you don't need a voice to run.)  I've still got a couple of weeks until the two mile St. Patty's day run, and a couple of months until a women's 5K in the next town over.  I plan to be ready for both.  Oh, and the running always makes the daily weigh in a little less painful!

My final favorite of the week is one I've written about before.  There is a website called Map My Run that can map your route in any town.  Trust me.  If I can map where I run, walk, or bike in Tiny Town; you can map it in any town or area of the country. 

The mileage map feature is great, but now they've added a new element:  a nutrition log.  It reminds me a lot of the weight watcher log.  You type in what you eat and it keeps track of the calories, fat, sodium, and carbs consumed.  It will also estimate the calories burned with each workout. 

And the best part:  Map My Run is free!! 

I've enjoyed the running. The Mr. has enjoyed the quiet.  (Or so he says!  I think he misses my chatter.)  And we've all enjoyed the weather.  Sometimes, it's just hard to complain-- especially when you have no voice!


FlowerLady said...

I'd say you had a pretty great week, and I hope you get your voice back soon.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

troutbirder said...

Well it appears your coping. This throat thing was really bad timing. For parent conferences maybe not so much. I like the idea of not having to go into the details of why their lazy little lout isn' doing so hot in history. Just smile, nod sagely and give an occasional thumbs up. :)

Mary said...

Too funny with the nuts for Valentine's Day: CH got pistachios! :D

Relyn said...

Yay for you. Keep going on the running. You're awesome.