Tuesday, February 8, 2011

L.A. Days

L flew to L.A. on Sunday.  Yes, Los Angeles where the temperature is a balmy 78.  There is a reading conference which several teachers from the J town district are attending.

Now mind you in Tiny Town, only one teacher from a department can go to one in-state conference a year.  And a group of J town teachers are in L.A., in California, where it is 78 degrees.

The temperature here is freezing with snow in the forecast.  Quite a bit of snow.  And I never get to go to conferences.  I especially never get to go to conferences out of state.

Not that I'm jealous or anything.


You better be having a great time, L.  I would.


holybovine said...

Oooh, you pushed one of my hot buttons today. (See your email.) Enjoy your snow day...again. (Great day to begin crocheting that blanket for Baby T!) I was a little confused by the closing announcement until I heard JC has 4" of snow already and still coming down. Nothing on the hill yet.

2Thinks said...


Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I am going to ignore that it is going to be ICY here again tomorrow and remember that it is going to be in the upper 60s next week instead. Hope you get some of that warm weather one way or another!

Mary said...

We had a group of teachers that went to Mn. or somewhere like that for a "cult" gathering (as we call it). One of those things that the school system jumps on the bandwagon for that is just a way for somebody to get rich. Ridiculous.

Dandy said...

OMG for a second there I thought it said that "I" flew not "L" flew and I was going to start threatening you with all kinds of...threats for not telling me so I could come visit you!

But you are still in the cold so I'll save my threats for someone else :)