Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days Again

Yesterday was a snow day.  The snow came down all day.  The wind was whipping it around and with the cold temperatures, added a nice wind chill.  I couldn't get a single picture.  Mainly, they all looked like a white out!

Today is a snow day again.  We have 9 inches or so on the ground.  The difference is that the sun came out.  It is beautiful!!
I've already been out scooping today.  The snowplow has been by.  And somebody on Easy Street loves the snow.  That would be Baxter.  He thinks snow is the greatest:  runs like an idiot, dives into drifts, and puts his nose down and goes like a snowplow. 

Baxter and I are headed out for a long walk this afternoon.  I'll bundle up good and take the camera.
It might be cold, but it is too pretty outside to miss a day like this.


Dandy said...

It's sooo gorgeous

FlowerLady said...

It does look beautiful! I wouldn't be able to resist getting outside either on such a day.


Shannon said...

Harry is the same way in the snow - a complete freakazoid. Hope you have a good walk!!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I bet that long walk tuckered him out! Glad someone was enjoying the snow - I'm ready for spring!