Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day #3

No school again today.  I have no idea how much snow we have.  It has blown around so much that it is tough to tell.  My guess is somewhere between 4 and 7 inches.  A sheet of ice is under the drifts.  The windchill in Tiny Town yesterday was minus 33.  So...

This was Easy Street.

Bax brought in the paper before it got too deep. 
Without his two walks a day (we can't stand up), Baxter has been a bit hyper in the evening.  And then we can't stand him! Yesterday, he had a fun surprise.

Like his waiting place?
He knew he heard something.
He's a patient little thing.

And then he spies the door opening...
The Mr. brought K and Khalie across town to spend the afternoon.  There was a lot of yipping and sniffing when the two old friends saw each other.   Khalie ate Baxter's food.  Baxter teased Khalie with rawhide chews.  Khalie managed to drag out of all of Baxter's "toys." 
They ran and chased and played.  Khalie kept batting Bax down when he was a little too rambunctious.  Baxter kept jumping up on the couch so he could look Khalie in the eye or paw her on the face.  Bax also liked to squeeze behind furniture where Khalie couldn't get to him.  (It pays to be little!) He'd taunt her from back there.  *sigh*
They are an unlikely duo.  Khalie surely gets annoyed, but tolerates the little runt.  Both dogs were pooped at the end of the day.  After supper, the Mr. took K and Khalie home.  K called later to say Khalie was sleeping soundly.  And Baxter was a much calmer dog, dozing on the floor most of the evening. 

Mission accomplished!
I'm really not sure what I am doing today.  There are several jobs I need to get done, but somehow snow days seem meant for fun and laziness.  If the wind would die down a bit, I'd be tempted to venture a little further from the house with my camera. 

We'll see what the day brings.


Mary said...

Love that last picture!
A furbaby play date: how fun!

Kim said...

I love the last photo. Enjoy your day.

Pastor Sharon said...

Bax is so adorable! His guest is too. I can only imagine they had a lovely day.

Ugh. . . are you guys getting cabin fever? We are. The ice and snow has finally crippled our city which is hardly ever crippled by winter.

A said...

soooo cold! sounds like a fun way to spend a few days :) even if baxter is extra energized!

Dandy said...

I'm sorry- did you say minus 33... as in...below zero? what?!

so pretty though and the pups are too cute

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Khalie is a BEAUTIFUL dog! And whoever thought of that plan is one smart cookie!