Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days and Snow Dogs

The general consensus is that we might as well enjoy our snow days, even if we are going to have to make them up.  So... I did.

I've been reading some old, old favorites.  (I left my current reads on my desk at school.)  I haven't read Heidi for years.  It was a childhood favorite.  I also started I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.  I was fortunate enough to hear Maya Angelou speak.  It was a long time ago.  Before she became a staple on "Oprah" or read her poem for President Clinton's inauguration. 

Yesterday the sun came out.  It was beautiful.  In fact, as I was scooping snow and later on my walk with Baxter--all I could think about was skiing.  I could have been on slope and ready to ride the lift.  It was the combination of snow, cold, sun, and the smell of the air. 

Baxter and I walked to K's house.  We took the long way around.  And how Baxter loves the snow!
He jumps in--up to his chin.
He puts his nose down under and runs like a snow plow.
When we got to K's house, I scooped part of her driveway.  Khalie came out for a romp with Baxter, which made Bax go completely nuts.  He jumped.  He rolled.  He drove Khalie nuts! (Thankfully, K kept Baxter on his leash.) 
Walking back home, Mr. B pretty much rattled when he walked.  He had so many ice balls attached to his fur that he probably weighed an extra 5 pounds. 

I had no idea how to get the ice off of him.  I tried brushing.  Nope.  I tried drying him with a towel.  No dice.  I knew if I just let him "melt" that I was going to have a gallon or two of water in my house.  I finally filled the tub with lukewarm water and gave him a bath.  I had to keep adding warm water because the ice on Baxter cooled the water rather quickly.  He didn't like it, but it worked. 

He spent the late afternoon dozing, and I have to confess to taking a short nap, too.

Today, I am headed back to school.  And I can be really glad that I'm not going back to this:
This is what my old deck looked like yesterday.  Of course, no one scoops or blades by the old trailers.  And every time I walk by them, I am just soooooo thankful to be in the new building!

The sun is supposed to be out all day today.  I wonder if it will melt the snow off of our roof on Easy Street?
I imagine we could have some pretty good icicles.  I'll keep you posted. 

And back to school we go.


holybovine said...

Baxter is so cute! Reminds me a bit of our Maggie, who is a min. poodle mix. She, however, is not such a fan of the snow. Phil, our Huskie mix, is! He loves the colder weather, but this morning may have been too cold. He didn't want to stay out very long. Phil blazes the trails in the snow that Maggie and Punk (Chihuahua) run through.

Shannon said...

Wow - I really thought Harry had found his way to your blog in that first pic! They look a lot alike, but think Baxter has more poo and Harry has more ah, shih. :) They would have a great time together. Glad you are enjoying your snow days and thank goodness your school building is finished. The picture of those steps makes me cringe.

Mary said...

Why didn't I think about putting Ally in the bathtub when she came in with snow balls on her fur? I used the hair dryer, but if it ever happens again, she's going into the bathtub! We only got about 1/2 inch but had to go to school. One of my gripes today! :D