Monday, February 28, 2011

Surely A Monday

First off, my laptop has a worm.  I guess.  It is off to see the computer Dr., so I am operating on an old laptop that runs--and that is about all I can say for it.

Secondly, room temperature today in my classroom was 55.  A tad chilly.  The heating system in the new building has a few kinks in it.  Three rooms have no heat, and I am lucky enough to be one of them.  I'd complain, but...

Our elementary school also has some heat issues.  The heating people are trying to get them up and running first.  And they should.  Those little ones have to stay in the same room all day long.  My students only have to freeze for 55 minutes or so, and then they move on to a warm room.  (I, of course, get to stay in the meat locker.)

And to top it all off, I was out of Peppermint Creamer for my coffee this morning.

Yep, it was definitely a Monday!


B. Meandering said...

My room is always too cold when it's cold out and much too hot when it's hot out; I just tell the kids to wear layers---I do.
I've not tried peppermint creamer---sounds good. Who is it by?

Debbie said...

Well, at least I hope you get your peppermint creamer today. :-)

Kitty M said...

Hello Mrs E - hope you are well and warming up - we seem to just be getting some spring flowers in the North of England so I hope our weather improves soon too! Kisses to Baxter xxxxxx

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Think of all the fun you could have accessorizing with hats , gloves, and mittens. :) Don't worry - spring and warmer weather will be there before you know it!