Friday, March 18, 2011


In about 10 hours, Spring Break begins.  There is nothing like teaching school on the last day before a break.  Well...there are things like it:  zoos, prisons where the inmates are running it, and a boiling pot of water.  The kids are so excited that they are practically vibrating!

Did I mention that the teachers are exhausted? 

Yeah, wish me luck!  I'm thinking jeans and caffeine are on tap for today. 

10 hours. 

We can do this!  (And that's my pep talk for myself today!)


2Thinks said...

Happy spring break!!!! You did it! Now enjoy it. Joy, joy, joy- (it's not just for Christmastime) :)

Mary said...

Have a good break! I sure do wish we had another week! We only have 9 more weeks until summer break!

Puna said...

Ahhh...I hope you have a wonderful break!