Monday, March 21, 2011

A Change or Two

Forget the yellow ski jacket.  It is supposed to be 50 degrees today on slope.  I guess spring has come to the mountains, at least for a day.  Hope it isn't like skiing in a snow cone.  I think a wind breaker will suffice by afternoon.

Tomorrow there is a 60% chance of snow and a high of 37...  and we're back to winter!  I'm guessing my yellow ski jacket will get a workout then. 

Since it is too early to post ski pictures yet, I will share a couple of pictures of Baxter. 
If you're wondering what he is doing behind the wheel, I'll tell you:  He thinks he is driving!
Yep.  So where is he going?  Well, the joke's on him; he's driving himself to the critter sitter's house.  And I'm sure there will be paybacks when we arrive home.

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Puna said...

Oh now this is adorable!