Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Day of March

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  I was surrounded by good thoughts and lots of love.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Combine that with the fact that I took a sheet cake for 96 (purchased) to celebrate with my classes.  Kids love to celebrate darn near anything.  The cake was a hit.  My board was covered in birthday wishes.  I had several versions of "Happy Birthday" sung, belted, or crooned to me.  Even the Women's Glee came in to serenade me.  Pretty neat.

At the end of 7th hour, one of my lovely dears decided to play "wedding" cake and shoved his piece of cake into his mouth and most of the icing up his nose.  (I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.)  He is now doing a little time with me today. And I'm not even sure he got the laughs he was going for. (There's always one!) 

Sweetest moment.  After every student had left for the day, I found a note on my desk.  A student said since I always give them notes on their birthdays, that she wanted to do the same for me.  My notes to them are on little rectangular slips of colored paper and attached to their folders with a colorful paperclip and a colored pencil eraser.  Summer birthdays get "Valentine" notes.  (An inexpensive way to connect with kids.)  Her note to me was on a rectangular piece of paper with added artistic embellishments.  It's a keeper!

I got home from school to find a phone message from a former colleague.  He played Happy Birthday on his trumpet.  Are you feeling the love?

Don't even get me started on Facebook messages and phone calls from family.  Let me just say that I feel very blessed!

Oh yeah.  The flip side:  Don't let me forget the "official" email I received from an assisted living place in the old hometown.  They said they knew it was hard at my "stage of life" to make these new living arrangements.  Let me just say, Little Big Brother's circle of influence is frightening.  He has to call in a lot of markers or favors to get these people to play his pranks.  But paybacks are coming, LBB. Paybacks are coming.

The birthday is over and now March is, too.  As for April, if my birthday is any indication, I'm expecting nothing but sunshine and flowers!


A said...

Your brother is way too funny! When I first read that I was thinking, She's way too young to be getting emails about that!! And then read on to see it was a prank ;) Thanks for the morning laugh!

Anonymous said...

LBB probably got the idea as he was wandering the halls of said Assisted Living Center picking out HIS room!!! Bad, bad, LBB!
Sound as if your birthday WAS great!
xoxox JKO

Dandy said...

No way!!! Your brother is hilarious!

I can't believe how sweet your students are- they must really love you!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Puna said...

I'll add to all of those well wishes. Happy birthday!

2Thinks said...

I love this post, because, yes, I am feeling the love. One day late, but I am feeling it! :)