Friday, April 1, 2011

Favorite Five This Friday

The Favorite Five From This Week:

1.  I ran three miles yesterday morning in my new shoes and a light sprinkle.  It's probably a good thing that no one else is up at that hour to see the wet t-shirt.

2.  Taking birthday cake to the students was fun.  The kids were really appreciative. It was kind of like taking cupcakes to the class during grade school days. I think a yearly tradition has been born.

3.  My students are writing a paper, sharing a childhood memory.  Our High School kids rarely get to write narratives these days; we usually have them writing persuasive papers.  It's nice to remind kids that writing can be great fun.

4.  On Monday, my last student finished the State Reading Test and met standards.  I was so proud of him.  Only 3.1% of the sophomores were below standards, and no one was in the academic warning category. Woo hoo!

5.  My kid sister, her husband, two of her daughters, and one son-in-law met K while she was in San Francisco at a conference.  They showed her a really good time.  Then, my sister sent me quite a few beautiful posters for my classroom.  K was a sport to bring the heavy poster tube on her return flight.  I now have some of my little sister's amazing photographs as posters.  They each have a quote with the photo.  These huge posters were part of her ice cream store at one time.  I am so excited to frame and display them!

The Mr. is taking the family out tonight to celebrate my birthday.  L and K and CT called and sang to me on my birthday, but we haven't had time to get together.  It will be good to see them and catch up on the latest.

Today is supposed to be warm.  That sounds like heaven.  On the opposite hand is the fact that today is April Fool's Day. Let me just say that there is almost nothing worse than being a teacher on April Fool's.  Heaven-- it's not!  I'll either pretend to fall for the same tired old tricks, or the students will find new ways to torture me.

It's been a great week.  I suppose I can stand one day of utter nonsense.  Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Even though we have meetings ALL day it's nice to have a work-day on April Fools Day! Enjoy your week-end my Crazy Cousin! Ree

Anonymous said...

I thought about putting a plastic spider in my hair before I came to school. That seems to be a typical K-1 joke- "Teacher- You have a spider in your hair!" BJB

2Thinks said...

April. I even love the sound of the word. Wonder what your little big brother, or is that big little brother, will do today- it must be his favorite day of the year.