Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th

Somebody on Easy Street is having a birthday.  His name is Mr.

In honor of his day, Baxter ate a book.  (I guess that is one way to keep me from reading!)  Happy Birthday, Mr.!  Bax is trying to help you out, I guess.

Also in honor of his day, the church scheduled a meeting--of the long variety.  He happens to be on the committee holding the long meeting.  The last trustees meeting was two and a half hours long.  *groan*  I think they might find following an agenda helpful.  Heck!  Even having an agenda for the meeting might help.  It probably won't happen.  So... while he is at his meeting:  Happy Birthday to the Mr.

I am headed out tonight to replace the book and to find a suitable choice of birthday cake.  (Sounds like I'll have plenty of time while he is in his meeting.)  Happy Birthday, Mr.

I  did manage to surprise him with some swim goggles and a new "manly" beach towel for his morning swim.  His real gift he has to pick out himself:  a new grill.  (I imagine that I just might benefit from that gift myself!)  Happy Birthday, Mr.

I'm pretty much convinced that the Mr. is a gift I gave myself.  They don't come much better in the husband and father department. 

He might be a mess sometimes, but I'm glad that mess is mine! (Well, most of the time I am!)

Happy Birthday, Mr.
Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

LUCKY for you MR. met you BEFORE he met me or he'd be living the dream with me........just sayin!!! Happy Birthday Ricky...have Mrs. E pinch your cute little toosh for me!! LOVE YOU

FlowerLady said...

Happy Birthday to your Mr. You both are a sweet couple, and a gift to each other.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Mr.! And happy day to you that he's in your life!

Dandy said...

Happy Birthday Mr.!

And happy grillin' :)