Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Occupation: Tour Guide!

I gave another tour of our new Tiny Town High again yesterday.  A former student, a teacher in Oklahoma, was back home on spring break. 

It is always great to see J.  Besides touring, J also talked to my teaching class about her experiences and gave them great advice about the first years of teaching.  This is her second year of talking to my teaching classes, and this year she gave me a lesson, too. 

The Smart Pad and Smart Notebook that I have been using on the computer are quite similar to what J uses.  The only difference is that she doesn't need the Smart Pad, as her board is a Smart Board.  She helped me with a couple of things that have been driving me crazy, and that I couldn't make work like I needed. In fact, I think she helped me find the key to figuring out quite a few things for myself.  I'm so grateful!

I haven't talked much about it lately, but the technology is really fun to use.  This is a dashboard that I can project for the students to see on a daily basis.
The Google bar has been replaced this week by the ESPN scoreboard.  (Of course!)  The yellow sticky note was my thought for the day on Feb. 22nd.  Notice that Tiny Town temperature. Yikes!  I usually post another sticky note with the bell work for the day. Now that J has showed me some new tricks on the notebook feature, I have a feeling that I will be using it more. 

And this is just one tiny piece of what we have available with technology.  My hope is that by next fall I am a pro!  Well, maybe if I can talk J into another quick cram session!

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Mary said...

That temp was one of the first things I saw! 15 degrees! YIKES!
We're starting to get smart boards in some of our classrooms at one of my schools, through grants. I don't know how often some of them use them, though. It looks really neat!