Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday List- The Dislikes Continue

Things I hate...  (I'm pretty sure this is Round 2.)

*having to put $45 worth of gas in the car
*being cold
*dishes that are hard to clean even after they've soaked
*when smart kids do stupid things
*getting a pedicure and not being able to show it because it is still too cold for flip flops
*when I can't find anything I want to wear
*stubbing my toe
*motion sickness
*computer problems
*not being able to find floss when I need it
*when I've procrastinated and feel overwhelmed
*morning breath
*crumbs at the bottom of the box or sack
*negative people who can suck the life out of you
*burning my tongue
*age spots, wrinkles, belly fat and all the other joys of aging (though considering the alternative--they're not that bad!)

Well, that was therapeutic!

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