Friday, March 4, 2011

Woo Hoo Friday

So many good things about the end of this week:

*It's the end of this week!!

*I have my computer back thanks to a computer savvy friend.  (Everyone needs a computer savvy friend in their life!) I owe him a dinner out or at least a batch of chocolate chip cookies!

*Yesterday my room finally had heat again.  After freezing most of the week, my room was 74 at the end of the day.  The average temperature all week was about 60-62.  I think I am finally thawing!

*I've done about all that I can for my students and this assessment.  We are still reviewing a bit, but the rest is up to them.  (And by the way, until we hold the students accountable for their scores and tie it to graduation requirements--there really isn't any pressure on them.  The pressure is all on me.  And that, my friend, is where the foreign countries have the test scores on us.)

*All of that being said, I have done my best to motivate my students and prepare them to do their best.  And I have let them know that their scores matter to me.  Tests begin on Tuesday.  I'm pretty sure you haven't heard the end of this.

*I lost a pound in our "Biggest Loser" competition.  (Maybe worrying really does count as exercise!)

*I ran yesterday and plan to hit my two mile trail this weekend.  It feels good to be back at it. I'm pretty sure I could use the stress release.

*"My" movie and "my" actor won at the Oscars.  If you haven't seen Colin Firth in "The King's Speech," you should.  It is a delightful movie.

*Did I mention that K's baby bump is quite visible these days?  I didn't even notice it until we went shopping last weekend, and suddenly--there it was!  It seems more real all the time.

*It's the end of the week!  (It bears repeating!)

On tap for the weekend:  a pedicure and a Pheasants Forever banquet.  (Yeah, I can hardly believe that one either-- and I'm not talking about the pedicure.  The things we do for the son-in-law.) 

Easy Street is one happy place this morning:  It's Friday!!


puna said...

I too am glad it's Friday. I really should be running. I haven't done it in about a week . . .

Shannon said...

My computer is still being fixed. I miss it sooooo much! Borrowing my mom's today. What has become of me that I can miss a material object so much. Alas, that is my problem. Have a good weekend!