Saturday, April 9, 2011


There have been so many things that I couldn't write about this week-- that I haven't written at all.  I think it is finally safe to spill the beans.

K and L have both interviewed and were selected for new jobs.

K is going to be an assistant principal of one of the academies in the J town 10-12 building.  This is a nice promotion for her.  She has quite an August ahead of her:  a new baby and a new job!

And L is going to be moving to a new city about two hours away.  She is going to be a 5th grade teacher in a smaller building in a larger town.  She is excited for the move, and while I'm happy for her--I am going to miss her being so close.  She has a lot of changes in store for this summer:  a move, a different grade level, and a new niece or nephew.

At Tiny Town, this week was the beginning of the end for Trailer High.  They began the task of moving some of the trailers out.  My trailer classroom is gone.  The empty spot actually caught me by surprise.  Who knew that I would think it was a bit sad to see the hole?

They have cleared out the old decks now and are ready to begin building the new art building where our trailers once stood.

Add in the English teachers missing two days from school this week to grade district writing assessments, leaving plans for subs, and catching up when I returned each day--and this week has been a bit of a mess.

The Mr. is looking at a 10 day sale at the RV park.  Today is Day 2. Needless to say, he isn't going to be around much. 

Today, I've enjoyed a morning of shopping for the baby registry with K. We met L for lunch.  It is good to have time to catch up.  I hope that there are quite a few more mornings like today's before L gets away from us.

The spring rush is on at Tiny Town High:  prom, spring sports, senior honor's banquets and recitals, and-- graduation isn't far behind.  I know I'll have time to catch up this summer, but right now I wish for an empty calendar and a few more nights at home.

See.  There are a lot of things 'gone' around here, including this blogger.  I'll drop in when I can!

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B. Meandering said...

My, you do have a lot of change going on! Congrats to both daughters on new jobs. I think you too will be busy this summer helping them get ready for their changes.
I used to work for a district where we Eng. teachers were given one day to grade district writing assessments. I didn't like it, but here we give half of an OGT practice test to freshmen and are given no extra time to grade the writing assignments and compile stats. The kids trade papers to peer grade. Lovely (not).
Hang in there!