Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change Is A Comin'

"Everything in life is only for now."  Avenue Q

I liked that song in the show Avenue Q.  And I am reminded how true that is almost daily.

Our Superintendent is retiring in June.  After a month long search, the district hired a new superintendent:  a woman.  I'm guessing that she hasn't turned 40 yet.  I know her mom who is a bundle of energy and quite outgoing.

In local school board elections last night, two incumbents were defeated. 

Are these changes good or bad?  That remains to be seen.

Avenue Q reminded me that if they are bad--they are only for now.  Of course, the same is true if they are good.  They are only for now. 

I don't mind change.  It shakes things up a bit.  And, I especially like the fact that...

It is only for now.

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Puna said...

Change is good. Fresh blood is good. Hopeful for the consequences to be good too.