Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pasture Burning

Some things you can just count on every spring.  Burning pastures is pretty much a spring ritual in the Midwest. 

Last night the Mr. and I headed to the farm to help Dad and LBB (Little Big Brother) burn pasture. 
The best time to burn is always around sunset.  Combine the glow of the burning fires with the glow of our sunsets and the whole scene is actually quite beautiful.  Since we had some large brush piles, some of the fires were large and quite hot.  Four wheelers with sprayers on the back control the burn.  Dad even talked me into learning to ride the four wheeler.  (He might have created a monster!)

Yes, pasture burning is a rite of spring--and a beautiful one at that.  After the next rain, our rolling pasture land will turn green and lush.  And that is another gorgeous sight!  Welcome, April!

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Where's the photo of my FAVORITE Uncle H.??????