Monday, April 4, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I had the best weekend.  We met the girls and CT for dinner on Friday night.  They gave me this:
Purses and shoes have always been a weakness.  This might be the most fun purse I have ever owned.  I probably wouldn't have purchased it for myself.  I would have loved it, but thought it was too impractical for me.  (You know, gray or black "boring" is practical.)  Actually, just carrying it makes me happy!  I think I love impractical! I may never buy boring again!

A friend and I went to see the Broadway Show "Avenue Q."  It is an adult puppet show.  The set was wonderful, and the performers were so talented.  It reminded me of a spoof on Sesame Street.  There were some wonderful moments and lyrics.  (The opening song--"It Sucks to Be Me" set the tone!)  I couldn't take my eyes off of the puppets.  That was just a great show. 

The rest of my weekend involved a run, a pedicure, church, burning pastures, and riding a four wheeler. 

The weekend seemed to have a theme going-- fun!  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Now to carry that over to this week!


Kim said...

I wasn't an "Avenue Q" fan. I am definitely a traditional musical kind of gal. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! And you were certainly stylish with your new purse. Cute!

B. Meandering said...

Great purse! Four-wheeling after snow skiing--wow, lady!