Tuesday, May 10, 2011

About to be normal again...

*By Sunday evening the Mr. felt a bit better.   He cooked supper last night.  (See, I told you my cooking would speed his recovery.)  He isn't 100%, but he is getting there.

*He has an appointment with his surgeon on Wednesday, and then hopes to get cleared to go back to work. I'm hoping he gets cleared, too.  Not that he gets crabby or anything when he is home...!

*In the meantime, he had me out working.  I planted the tomato plants for him last night.  CT gave me three of his, (he grew 200!) and they are in the ground now.  The pepper plants need to go in tonight.  (I don't want to get into this vegetable gardening too much.  I have to leave something for the Mr. to call his own!)

*I loved my Mother's day gifts:  nothing to dust.  My family has figured out that my favorite gifts don't involve more "stuff."  The best gifts are about spending time with them.
        K and CT gave me a ticket to a Royal Display several hours from here.  (I have been wanting to see it before it leaves the city.)  K promised to go with me to the exhibit sometime in the next few weeks.
        L brought me an I-tunes card (new running music) and the video "Tangled."  We spent Sunday afternoon watching the movie.  We had seen it together at Christmas, along with LBB's family, at a local theater. That night, the West Point nephew pointed out that he was sure there were some great lines and songs we were missing.  There were a lot of little kids rattling popcorn bags, whispering, and giggling.  It was so nice to spend the afternoon enjoying it with L. And this time we could actually hear it!

*The school year is winding down.  We have 12 school days left after today.  I know this because the sophomores have posted a countdown on my board.  Every day it screams at me reminds me to tie up the loose ends.  Unfortunately, I have quite a few of those!

The trick is to end the school year without losing my mind...or my sense of humor.  Feel free to wish me luck with that!


FlowerLady said...

Glad to hear that Mr. is feeling much better.

It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day.

This school year sure seems to have gone by fast.

Enjoy your veggie garden. I'm sure the Mr. will be glad to get back outside again.

Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

courtney said...

would you like any missed parts to Tangled quoted for you? Or dramatically acted out? LC, if you sign "hair movie" one more time, I. Will. Weep.

So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day!!

puna said...

What nice gifts. I just watched Tangled this weekend with the family. It was adorable. My best wished until the end of the year. It's coming soon!