Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet Treasures

I've been having a trip down Memory Lane.  I finally unearthed the box of baby clothes that I put away 25 years ago.

Everything is so tiny.  It is hard to imagine that the girls were ever that small.

Even I was surprised by the things I kept.  I knew I had put each girl's christening gown away, but there were sweet little bonnets and handmade booties.  There was a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes for a newborn.

I found a yellow dotted Swiss dress that my great Aunt Audrey sent to K, and the pink cotton dress that she sent to L.  The little white sweater that Mom gave to K for her 2nd Easter was packed away.  Somehow, Mom knew the weather would be a bit chilly for the little sundress I had purchased.

There was a beautiful pink crocheted blanket that my Aunt Bettie and Uncle Bob sent L, and the sweet pink and green quilt given to her by a colleague.

Aunt Shirley had made a quilt for each girl, but I didn't put them with the baby things as K and L were still using them in early Elementary School.  They are still stored and ready to be "re-gifted" to the grandchildren. 

There's a sailor dress, a yellow striped "Lucy Van Pelt" (Charlie Brown fame) dress, a couple of Christmas gowns, and some birthday dresses. 

I found the baby afghan that I started the summer before K was born in November and didn't finish until shortly after her birth.  (I was honestly afraid that I'd be working on it when she went to kindergarten!)

Each girl had a t-shirt created by former students.  K's was a pink MHS Debater shirt.  (I used to coach debate.)  L's had a Tiny Town Mascot shirt with her name on the back.  I'm thinking there are some Cabbage Patch dolls that may sport new togs.

There was a musical ball with K's name on it.  My sister-in-law at the time of K's birth was in extremely poor health.  She had ordered it, and she gave it to K when we visited her several months after K was born.  I had forgotten all about it until I heard music coming from the box as I lugged it upstairs.  It is a sweet memory of my dear niece's mom.

I found a pink gingham bib made by cousin J, and an adorable dress (trimmed in lavender) that her sister Ree gave K. (See Ree!  You knew what college she would choose--even then!)

That box was nothing short of a treasure chest.  And yes, it made me a bit teary.  So many gifts came from people who aren't with us any more.  I am reminded of how big of a hole they leave in my life.  And I miss those little girl days in sweet dresses:  the snuggles and thumb sucking, and rocking to sleep.

Just think, in August I will get to enjoy those days again--with a little girl who will look adorable in her Mom's frilly dresses and wrapped in the love of several generations of family and friends.


Kim said...

What fun to unpack memories of loved ones along with the frilly dresses and mementos!

Cousin A said...

I have a big box packed away of things that the Aunties gave me when I was a baby (even still have the cards from my baby shower in 1972!). And I've now got a big box of things that the Aunties and Cousins gave/made me when my babies were born. Isn't it just wonderful to be in this family?