Monday, May 16, 2011

Senior Class of 2011

This is the last week for seniors at Tiny Town High.  They were my first class in the trailers.  We were the shell shocked survivors two months after the tornado. These were the kids that watched me try to pick up the pieces and continue the education process.

When I say shell shocked, I mean it.  Nothing about school was normal that first year.  They trudged through torrential downpours, sloppy mud, small rivers, and freezing cold.  School spirit seemed non-existent that year.  They didn't have lockers- just incredibly heavy backpacks.  They didn't have hallways- just sidewalks through construction zones.  And yet, the kids didn't complain.

I felt out of sync that entire year.  And yet, this was a class that made my job easy.  They were easy to love.

They will be unique at Tiny Town High.  They were freshman in the old building.  They spent their sophomore, junior, and half of their senior year in the trailers.  AND they were fortunate enough to move into our beautiful new school for the last half of their senior year.  They did it all.  No other high school class will ever be able to say that.

I'm pretty sure these kids are equipped to deal with any adversity that life wants to throw at them.  We didn't prepare them.  Mother Nature did.  And they actually taught me a thing or two about making the best of bad situations.  I'm proud of them.

Some classes are hard to forget.  This senior class would be one of those.  Good luck class of 2011 and thanks for the memories.

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Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Sweet words. You gave me goosebumps. Good luck, Class of 2011 - you can and will conquer any challenge you set for yourselves!