Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ten Things

I am so thankful for:

*The Mr. being able to work at least part-time.  He get pretty bored.  (He says he doesn't get cranky, but I live with him.  I know.) 

*My students.  It has been an incredible year in so many ways.  I can't imagine going through it with any other class.  The move into the new building, beautiful new surroundings, my student with cancer and chemo--sometimes there just aren't words to sum up a year.

*My young colleagues.  They are so enthusiastic and fun to work with.  They remind me why I love teaching.

*Baby Girl T.  I bought a "Grandma's" baby bed at garage sales this weekend.  It is so much fun to look at little clothes.  I also bought bibs, a giraffe hat, and little tiny pink crocs. 

*Gardens.  Son-in-law, CT, brought me radishes and lots of lettuce from his garden.  Our tomato plants (he gave those to me, too) are already blooming!

*L.  She came and talked to my teaching class about teaching 1st grade.  I'm always so proud of her. 

*Dinner and a movie date.  The Mr. took me out (or did I take him out?) and we hit a favorite eatery and then the movie theater.  We saw "Bridesmaids."  It definitely earned it's "R" rating.  It had us laughing most of the movie, but also had me tearing up at quite a few spots, too. 

*"Life's Little Instruction" books.  My students compiled pocket-sized books with ten quotes from Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, and then they had to include ten quotes from their own families and friends.  (Kill them with kindness.  If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything.  Life isn't fair, get over it. Etc.)  They make a durable cover for them and include color and artwork on each page. Each is as unique as the student who puts it together.  It is the final project of the year.  They are a joy to grade!

*Nephews graduating from college--both undergraduate and graduate.  Besides being proud of them for their accomplishments, they are just pretty great people.  I'd like them even if I wasn't related to them.  Congrats Tay and Z.

*Running again.  Now that the Mr. is able to be up and around, he walks Baxter on some days so I can run.  I had missed my morning runs.  (I run with Baxter, but it isn't quite the same. When I run alone I don't feel the urge to mark my territory every block--and I can usually go further than a mile.)

There are nine more class days at Tiny Town High.  Graduation is next weekend.  Summer is on the way, even if the temperatures don't feel like it.  Sometimes it seems like it takes forever, but most of the time the years just feel like they fly by.  This would be one of those years. 

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Kitty M said...

Bonjour Mrs E - how exciting about your baby granddaughter - what date is she due? I've just bid a sad farewell to my mum this morning, she has just been over to France for a five day visit and like you is looking forward to welcoming baby Luca some time late August/early September - we are being very good and adapting from pink to blue! I've started thinking about 'boy' nursery ideas so will post some pictures soon. Very busy in the Salon de The so missing my blog visits to you all very much
:-( Kitty xxx