Saturday, June 4, 2011

Better Late Than...

Ten things I am thankful for this week and ten more for the week I missed:

*Bing Cherries
*A clean house
*Ice--I like cold things cold and hot things hot.
*A Grandmother's picture frame that needs filling-- such a thoughtful gift!
*Walking after dark when it is cooler
*Dipping my feet in a cold pool
*A job that also counts as exercise
*Summer salads
*My hairdresser who works quite well with gray hair and high foreheads
*The softball sized hail missed us.
*Shout stain remover
*Handmade baby items that I saved from when K and L were little
*A grandma's baby bed
*Scentsy pots and wall plug-ins
*Juicy watermelon slices
*Going barefoot
*New tires on my car
*Tylenol PM-- bless its heart!
*Nutella on graham crackers- yum!
*Clean sheets

This is looking to be a carefree summer Saturday.  The Mr. is at work, and I have nothing on the calendar.  Bliss!


Kim said...

Enjoy, Mrs. E!

Mary said...

Nutella is just the best thing since peanut butter, isn't it? :D

margie said...

i love a touch of tylenol!!

katie (Can't Get There) said...

The girls would agree with the first item on your gratitude list - I found them taking a single nip out of a cherry and then setting it aside. "But, Mom," Gracie said, "it's just like Ramona and the apples!" That kid almost lost her reading privileges!