Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday At Last

Today will be the first day where I have absolutely nothing to do.  We got out of school last Thursday, and I have been busy every day since:  family reunions, funerals, and the part-time job. 

I'd play today, but I fear I must clean this pit of a house.  I'm calling today "dig out" day. 

Highlights or lowlights of this week?

*Scout put in an appearance at the RV pool this week.  She is almost three this summer and as cute as a button!  I keep trying to convince K and CT to name baby girl T--Scout.  (Yeah, I'm thinking Atticus for their first boy doesn't stand a chance either!)

*The pool got a new hose with enough suction to pick up any spare 10 year old's in the bottom of the pool.  The suction "locks" the vacuum to the bottom of the pool, and I almost rip my arms from the sockets trying to free it.  Trust me, I won't need to work out with weights this summer.  Two hours of cleaning the pool leaves my muscles shaking.  Whew! 

*I started reading the Percy Jackson series.  L is going to be teaching 5th grade, and these books are high on the list for that age group.  I thought I'd see what the younger crowd is reading.  I confess.  I am hooked, and I love all the mythology kids are exposed to in these books.

*Baxter is slowly becoming a lap dog!  I love it!  Well, I love everything except when he puts his paws on my laptop to close it or uses his paw to push my book away.  He's a bit demanding in the attention department.  Other than that, he is adorable! 

Well, I've delayed long enough.  I'm going to grab a shovel and get started on the cleaning.  (I know there is furniture somewhere under all that dust!)


Puna said...

Happy Friday! What a week you had. I hope there's some play along with your housework.

Mary said...

I wasn't sure if you were going to be working at the pool again this year.
Pepper (my Jack Russell Mix) will put her head on my laptop, doing all kind of crazy things to it! Love the furbabies!

Cousin A said...

I love Scout/Atticus, -- although Collette or Marjorie would be nice, too.

Be careful with those drains. Illinois passed a law banning the super suction drains because kids drowned after getting stuck down at the bottom. Icky!! Glad you can have a pool job, sounds so fun. I wish I could have that kind of sabbatical every summer -- I really need it!!