Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Peeves

It isn't even the first day of summer yet, and still I am unloading.  These are some things driving me nuts.

*Mosquitoes. They are the worst they have been in several years.
*Ticks.  Yeah, this is a deadly combination.  Ticks and mosquitoes can ruin a perfectly good evening.
*Flies.  They are huge this year.  Flies, ticks, and mosquitoes = UGH!
*Temperatures that went from highs in the 50's to a high of 94.  Seriously.  Couldn't Mother Nature ease us into this warmth?
*Sweat.  I've been sweating my sunscreen off. 
*Cottonwood fluff or whatever it is that seems to be giving me sneezing and itching eyes.  At the pool today, it looked like it was snowing!
*Sunscreen.  We have to have it, and yet they charge $8.00+ for a fairly small bottle or tube.  Makes me wish I could go back to Baby Oil at $2 or so for a big bottle.
*As soon as I got my flowers planted out front, the front hydrant breaks and needs repairs.  Guess who gets to carry water to keep the flowers alive in this heat?  Lovely.
*I have an ankle giving me some pain, so I have traded the jogging for walking for at least a couple of weeks to see if the pain will go away.  Not exactly how I wanted my summer to begin.

On a side note, there have been these big birds flying over Tiny Town in huge flocks.  They circle and soar in circles.  Even Baxter stops to watch them.  I feel like I am in a Harry Potter moment, and that the owls are arriving at Hogwarts; when actually, I should probably be more concerned that I am in Hitchcock's The Birds

Pet peeves aside, I am really enjoying the break.  I'm slathering on the sunscreen, waving away the bugs, and watching the birds swooping in--all while the sweat rolls.  Just an ordinary day on Easy Street.


Puna said...

I've bought tons of sunscreen and bug spray. I'm ready! Oh and if you eat lots of garlic, it will keep the ticks away. So I've been told:)

Pastor Sharon said...

Sounds like you are in Egypt, in a time warp, from several thousand years ago. There are many plagues! ALL AT ONCE!


Mary said...

Glad to see we're not the only ones who missed Spring!