Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walking the Walk

I have been taking my granddaughter for walks.  (OK.  She might still be in utero, but still...!)  Oh, and her mom, Baxter, and Khalie go with me. 

K is 10 weeks away from her due date.  She is finally done at school until August 1st, so we are walking early in the morning and then sometimes later at night, too.  She and CT have started childbirth classes.  Next up...the nursery!

L and K have both joined me at the pool in the last few days with intentions of swimming.  It may be almost 100, but that water is cold!  It feels good to sit on the side and dip your toes.  Mainly, I have enjoyed sitting in the shade, catching up, and reading.

I am reading two different series right now:  Percy Jackson and City of BonesPercy Jackson is for younger readers.  It is connected to a lot of mythology, but kind of reminds me of the Harry Potter books.  I read City of Bones last year, but was less than pleased with how the book ended.  Now a friend who has kept reading the series tells me that my major frustration works itself out, so now I am picking them up again. 

Our school librarian sent me home with quite a few books this summer.  I think this will be the summer of adolescent reading.  It is probably time that I catch up on what my students are reading.  It helps to be able to suggest titles to the reluctant readers. 

Finally, the Mr. is almost back to 100%.  It has taken awhile.  I think he will start his morning swims again next week.  He enjoys my reading; I don't complain as much about his watching baseball.  It is a win-win situation.

Music theater productions, part-time work, and several other things on the calendar are assuring that this summer is a bit more hectic than I like.  However, it is hard to complain about the schedule--since even the part-time job is fun and relaxing for the most part. 

And in the back of my mind...always school.  You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but...!

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Pastor Sharon said...

Music theater productions? You have my attention! Do you produce? Act? what?