Friday, July 8, 2011

It Has All Been A Ruse

Baxter has been faking the whole well-behaved lapdog business.

Yes, he sits on my lap and puts his head on my chest so he can gaze into my eyes.  (Sweetest thing ever!)

Oh, and he curls up on my feet and sleeps.  So cute.

He snuggles in, and we share my chair.  (Reminds me to keep running.  It is pretty crowded already.  I don't need to gain any more weight!)

Don't get me wrong.  He still runs figure 8's in our family room like a crazed cheetah.  But... Mr. B will sit on command, fetch the paper, and is great on his leash.

He's been so good that the Mr. has experimented with NOT putting Baxter in his kennel area (laundry room) when we are gone for a short time.  "He's been so well behaved."  Blah, blah, blah.  And granted, Bax has been doing this for a couple of months with great success.

We made a quick trip to J town the other night, and the Mr. wanted to leave him out in our kitchen and family room.  We were gone for about 45 minutes.

We returned home to find Baxter had torn a hole in the seat of my chair and pulled out some of the stuffing. I'm pretty sure he was eating it.  Who knows how much he consumed?

Yes, he got scolded and was put away immediately. And yes, I went to bed without talking to him.

The next morning, the Mr. said Baxter stood by the kitchen door, waiting patiently for me to come out of the bedroom.  The Mr. couldn't lure him away.  When I did stumble in, he hopped up in my lap as soon as I sat down and licked my cheek.  He didn't leave my side the entire morning.

I figure that makes him a typical male.  Gets himself into hot water and spends a lot of time kissing up and trying to get out of trouble.

While he was incredibly cute, there is still the problem of my torn chair and the loose stuffing.

I think at this point, he can consider himself lucky that I didn't have him stuffed!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

This post struck a chord of truth with me Mrs. E.
We accept the bad with the very good and soon the good is all we see. What's a chair, a stain glass lamp, a beloved birthday gift compared to a loving fur child who looks up at you with such complete adoration.
Oh yes.. I do so know the feeling.

Beth said...

Yes, that mischievous tendency or chewing tendency doesn't seem to really leave.
My husband has been the same way with the cats only to discover on coming home that they used the dining room as an amusement part--plants knocked over with part of them out of the pots and on the floor; water from a vase of flowers puddling on the table with the flowers chewed a bit and scattered; well you get the picture.
But unlike dogs, cats don't show remorse. They are after all 'ENTITLED'! Ha!

Puna said...

He's trying to make amends:) Hope it's all well in the E household tonight and Baxter is not in too much trouble!