Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sum Sum Summertime

I am giving myself until July 15th to ignore anything school related.  After July 15th, I will need to get busy on the planning for directing the musical, preparing for my teaching class, and adding core curriculum activities to my English II classes.

In the meantime, there are just so many things to enjoy this summer.

*Farmer's Markets.  It is always nice to give the locals some business.  We've been to three different ones so far.  Best find for the Mr:  new potatoes.  Best find for me:  ripe tomatoes.  Most interesting find:  pickled green beans.

*Grilling outside.  The Mr. has a new grill, thanks to L, K, and CT.  He has been grilling almost every night.  Baxter and I sit and watch him.  Sometimes we eat outside at the picnic table.  Other times, we move into the cool.

*Sunset services have been moved to an earlier time.  We used to like sitting outside at sunset, having a drink, and discussing the day.  This year the gnats and mosquitoes are horrendous!  Soooo... we have after work services.  Baxter and I head outside and wait for the Mr. to come home from work.  You've never seen a dog so excited to see that vehicle come up the hill.

*Summer drinks.  Lemonade, summer beers, and Arnold Palmers (lemonade and iced tea).  Last summer, we visited a winery that made currant wine.  If you mix the currant wine with equal parts of margarita mix and crushed ice, it makes a delicious summer drink.

*Reading.  I really do enjoy almost unlimited reading time in the summer.  I don't feel bound to read something deep or heavy.  I like the light summer reading.  In fact, I'm due for Janet Evanovich's Smoking Seventeen.  There are actually quite a few books I have to tackle before the summer is over.

*Taking a dip in a cold pool on a hot summer day.  That's still the best part of the summer job.

*Season tickets to summer music theater.  Sometimes the shows are good, and sometimes they are great.  It is a nice Sunday afternoon getaway every couple of weeks.

*Shopping time.  Not that I buy much, but I like browsing at a bookstore or digging through the bargain racks of 70% off items.  The fun is in the hunt. Although, yesterday I was in a crowded consignment store with three unattended children, and it was was nothing short of agonizing.  (And that is probably why I spend less time on shopping than my other summer pursuits.)

I'm planning to cram in quite a bit more summer fun, but I'm only giving myself one more week of absolutely no school work at all.  Then, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and dig in.  A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do.  Or in this case, a teacher's gotta do, what a teacher's gotta do.  And when school starts, I'll be incredibly thankful that I spent some of my summer preparing and planning.  It will make the fall a bit less hectic.

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Anonymous said...

But I thought teachers have a 3 month paid summer vacation!! Right?? I know, I know. I finished up at school on June 20th and will head back August 1st. BJB