Monday, July 4, 2011

On This 4th

I wish I was doing something incredibly fun, but the real reason I haven't been blogging... our internet is on for about 20 minutes a day.  Our home phone isn't working either. *sigh*

On the up side, I am getting a lot of reading done.

We are celebrating the 4th by taking Baxter to a grooming appointment this morning and attending a Tiny Town "family" celebration potluck tonight. 

Happy Birthday to the 4th of July "twins" of the family.  I have adorable cards that haven't been mailed.  *sigh*  Yes, your aunt is losing it.  West Point Nephew and his Soon-To-Be-A-Nurse Little Sis are both celebrating today.  What are the chances that they would both be born on the 4th of July two years apart?

 I'll post before the internet goes off again.  (I think the phone company/internet provider is going to owe me money by the end of this month.  And if it doesn't get fixed permanently and correctly soon, I'm going to feel free to name the inept company.)


ch said...

we are in the exact same technological boat! i'm telling you...the rage i'm experiencing at the forced semi-Amish lifestyle Time Warner Cable has pushed us into...

Dandy said...

No internet?! But we need you!

Dandy said...

ha- I just read forced semi-Amish lifestyle!