Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Only Wednesday

Finally, the phone and the internet are both working.  We'll see how long that lasts.  Last time, we made it three weeks.  Three whole weeks.

Let's see...

Another cousin, the cousin exactly one week older than I am, left me a box of goodies at the RV Park.  One Week Older's husband works at an office supply store and had a bunch of teacher give-away bags and lesson plan books from last year.  He donated to them to me, and I am excited to use them with my teaching class this next school year.  The lesson plan books aren't dated, so it doesn't really matter.  The students are going to love them!

One Week Older also included some rival University three-ring binders.  They have a strange looking chicken on them.  *sigh*  I will probably be able to find some students who will count them among their most valuable possessions.  *double sigh*  Yeah, they will love them.  Actually, pretty cool that One Week Older Cousin thought of me. She is a doll!

After working at the pool yesterday, I met with the teacher who will be building and helping design the set for the Tiny Town High School musical this fall.  It all seems a bit overwhelming to me, but it is good to have help.

I finished Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah.  I'm struggling with Little Bee.  I'm half-way through and depressed as H-E-double hockey sticks.  I want to like it, but in an odd way it is reminding me of the movie "The Piano."  I know that movie won all kinds of awards, but I hated it.  I like serious books.  BUT... I like serious books with a happy ending or at least a "restore my faith in the goodness of people" ending.  I don't see Little Bee headed there.  I'm stalling.

While stalling, I am re-reading the 7th Harry Potter book before the movie comes out.  I'm also starting The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I don't usually read two books at once, but now I'm thinking of reading three at once.  My ADHD is kicking in.  Oh, wait a second-- make that four books.  I've been reading the nonfiction Dave Ramsey book, too.  His financial advice makes a lot of sense.

I bet you can tell that my allergies went into overtime this past weekend.  Combine that with a terrible stomach ache and no internet, and I had plenty of time for reading. However, now that I am feeling better and the internet is working, I probably should do something besides cleaning the RV pool and reading.



Mrs. E said...

Make that One Week Older's son-- not hubby! I'm sure he is getting used to dealing with the senior moments of his elderly cousins. Poor thing!

margie said...

just packed little bee in the book bag to take to the lake. thanks for the heads up!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I so love reading your posts ~ I know we would have lots of long chats together if we lived closer. I feel so much as you do so many times. I get it about the books, I felt the same way about Olive Kitteridge and Heaven is For Real (hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes) I do have a copy of Cherries in The Winter that I am getting ready to pass on. Read it last winter and it is very good ~ full of hope. If you would like I'll send it your way. Lately I have been on a mystery kick and have been listening to books on tape and then reading books too. I have been on a book binge since summer started.
~ Katie

holybovine said...

1 wk older cousin here - We're glad you're going to get some use out of those planners. I believe some of the coupons are still good. 2nd cousin says you're on his list. ;-)