Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue Jean Friday

Never have I needed a day in blue jeans and Tiny Town High t-shirt worse than I have today.  It has been a long week:  technology projects and computers that sometimes have been randomly shutting down, musical practices and learning the songs for the show, and not getting home or eating supper until 8:30 every night.

Yes, it has been a long week. I'm tired.  Next week doesn't promise to be much better.

And my students are having a day of sharing writing:  desks in a square, timer going off at regular intervals, and passing the paper to the right.  Papers make the circuit.  Students comment on papers.  Mainly, they figure out where their work stands in comparison to their classmates.  Knowing that this could happen on any given writing assignment means students work harder.  If they are embarrassed by their lack of effort, it only happens once.  Oh, and they have one last chance to revise their writing before they turn it in for a grade.  

So... today is a blue jean, t-shirt, and tennis shoes kind of day.  And a glass of wine kind of evening. (No shocker there!)

Happy Friday!

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