Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outside the Comfort Zone

I'm directing the school play.  I was a speech major in college and directed a scene or two.  That's it.  Thirty plus years have gone by and I have never used the "drama" part of my speech major.  This fall I am. 

Did I start out with a simple play?  Nope.  I jumped right in over my head with a full length musical. 

The auditions are over and the show is cast.  Rehearsals began last night with a read-through of the first act.  It's a fun, energetic show about a college campus and their football team.  The year is 1928. A period piece no less--and there isn't a single song that the students have heard before.  Brilliant move.   

I'd be completely over my head (Who am I kidding here? I AM over my head!), but a local theater actor/director/singer is assisting as his time allows.  He organized my rehearsal schedule and helped me set deadlines.  Another local theater person is doing the costuming.  A music teacher and his stagecraft class are designing the set.  The student actors have a tremendous amount of ability. 

You may be wondering about my contribution...?  I am surrounding myself with people who are going to make me look incredibly good.  Sheer genius on my part, I'd say! 

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