Friday, September 16, 2011

So Behind

There has been so much going on:  play practices, working a volleyball game, planning, and grading.  And I've been missing a lot. 

For example:
*Sweet Aunt C. had her gall bladder out.  She came through like a trooper from the sounds of it.  And I didn't find out until last night.  (That's what I get for not reading Facebook.) 

*The Mr. went to the visitation and the funeral for his good coaching buddy by himself.  That was the biggest funeral he has ever been to.  I wish I could have heard the service and hugged Bud's wife. 

*Sleep.  When I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, my mind is off and running.  I mull over all the things I need to do.  Not very relaxing.

*Reading. I'm not sure when I will read for enjoyment again. 

*And who knows what all I have been missing in blog world. !!

I have managed to spend quality time with the Lady Bug and her mom.  (Well, if thirty minutes to an hour counts!)  I dropped by a couple of times this week to give K a break and snuggle the Bug.  Baxter has managed to sneak in some lap time, too. 

Next week promises to be worse.  It is time to learn the music for the show.  Yes, I am the singing director.  Scares me just thinking about it.  Evening rehearsals are worked around athletic schedules and community events.  And somewhere in there I am still teaching.  I'm not sure how coaches manage to do both. 

I know that eventually this will all be fun.  Right? When it gets to that'll be the first to know!


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