Friday, October 14, 2011

Crazy Times At Tiny Town High

Tiny Town High is creating a lip dub video of our entire high school today.  You'll have to search on youtube to see examples of other high school videos. I first saw this technique last spring on the Today Show when Meredith Vieira retired. Watching high school students create a video adds a whole new level of enthusiasm and pandemonium.

The rules?  The video has to be done in one take, running and singing (lip syncing) through the halls of our school.  It has to include the student body and staff, and has to be done with one song. 

This is an organizational nightmare to me, but our journalism classes accepted the challenge. 

My role?  Well, my advisory students are on the front steps of the school at the beginning of the filming.  I bought a bunch of bubble sticks for them to use, and the dancing and going crazy is up to them. The teachers are lining the hall along the administrative offices. We'll see how crazy we get, but I'm pretty sure  the Standard of Excellence Certificates will be in hand.  Oh, and To Kill A Mockingbird.  Finally, I posted a sign on my classroom door advertising the musical this fall.  (I'm hoping it gets a little camera time.) 

The cheerleaders, drum line, and sports teams are in different areas of the school.  Journalism students will lip sync the song and a camera will follow them down halls, up stairs, through offices, the library, and even the backstage area.  They'll end in our auditorium-- where a school full of cheering, crazed students and staff will be waiting for them when they end up on the stage. 

Seeing as we are even attempting this, I'm pretty sure they'll get the crazy right!

You might be wondering the purpose of a lip dub video? They plan to show our beautiful school and promote everything good about Tiny Town High. After two and a half years in trailers, there is a lot of good to celebrate.  We're letting the joy spill over.   


Sarah Burton said...

Ambitious! What a great idea to bring the student body together to celebrate and create a lasting memory! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Shannon Krueger said...

Sounds so fun! I'll look forward to seeing it!

holybovine said...

This old lady had to go to You Tube to see a lip dub and I smiled all the way through this one. In I see some trailer-esque buildings in the background?

Have fun! I can't wait to see CHS's production.

holybovine said...

Thanks alot, CC...good thing I'm home (sick) today. I've just spent 1/2 an hour watching lip dubs and more to go. Sent an email to our staff suggesting they do one for our return to school week. Such creative students.