Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is It Possible???

I'm trying to decide if it is possible to be a musical director and a teacher at the same time.  Sometimes I think that I am failing at both.  And don't get me started on wife, mother, and grandmother.  Everything seems to be suffering. 

With the musical there is so much to do:  rehearsals, publicity, choreography, and finding all the things I need for the set.  I've been lucky to have a woodworking teacher (a new teacher) who is amazing.  In a 49 minute period today, he made me one of the "beds" I need for the dorm room scene.  Forty-nine minutes!  He's the man!  The set is still unfinished (to say the least), but the stagecraft class is working on it.  Thankfully, the publicity posters and the tickets were printed by our in-school printing business.  The posters just need to be distributed, and the ticket selling needs to begin soon.  The next project to tackle--a car to "drive" on stage.  Yeah, that one has given me some sleepless nights.

In the classroom, I am up to my neck in grading that needs to be done.  I've got piles everywhere I look.  When do I plan to catch up?  I'm not really sure.  Just staying ahead of lesson planning is keeping me hopping.  I keep thinking, "Oh yeah, I'm still supposed to be teaching."

Don't get me started on home.  I have a pile of summer clothes that I need to pack away, and I could write my name in the dust on the end table right beside me. 

Baxter and the Mr. are having lots of quality time together, and Baxter is still alive! I am behind on phone calls to L--and to the little sister in California, too.  I haven't seen the Bug for a couple of days.  Yeah, I'm missing my family right now. 

On the upside, the musical is slowly coming together.  It has the potential to be pretty good.  The control freak in me is having to let go a bit.  Right now, I'd love to have one practice with every student present.  Actually, I'm hoping that happens at some point before the show opens.  Yeah, gotta love this job.

Is it possible to do all these things at once?  I'm not really sure.  Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Dusting is badly overrated! You'll have plenty of time to sort clothes and clean when the play is over. Try and delegate a little, others really want to help and see the play succeed. You and the kids will do great! Cousin GLB

holybovine said...

Breathe, cousin, breathe. You're livin' la vida loca! And oh, the tales you'll have to tell Ladybug someday.