Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Memory: Rivalries

School rivalries are always exciting.  Tiny Town has had a big rivalry with a town about ten miles away. It is one of the oldest rivalries west of the Mississippi.

In our early years at Tiny Town High, a lot of outhouses were dumped on school lawns.  Real estate signs would be pulled from every yard in town and end up at that town's high school.  Kids diesel fueled football fields, pulled down goal posts, and spray painted fields and buildings.

I remember a year when some of my cheerleaders went sneaking into the rival school the week of the big game.  Rival school had a vocal concert.  The cheerleaders took markers and changed all their hallway signs to support Tiny Town High.  They also car chalked any car in several blocks of the school with our school colors and "Go Tiny Town" messages.  I was so glad I didn't find out about it until after the season was over.

Most pranks were harmless, but I did have a window of my old classroom shot with a BB gun.  New goal posts or sand blasting buildings were a bit costly.  A lot of roadkill ended up on front steps of both schools.  The custodians hated clean up.

In recent years, the police in both towns have cracked down on mischievous behavior.  Cameras make it harder to sneak on and off of school property.  Nothing major has been done for several years now.

All in all, it is probably a good thing; however, I have to admit to missing a little of the excitement.  I know.  I'm as bad as the kids.

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Brandi said...

I am usually a lurker, but this made me smile. I remember the "old days" when we carted the outhouses back and forth. I too, kind of miss those days! Don't tell anyone--I might get in trouble too!! :)