Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Update

Craziness abounds on Easy Street.  The end of last week was nuts.  Let's see...

*It was Homecoming week in Tiny Town:  pep rally, parade, crowning, and the game.  Your's truly judged the float competition.  We won't discuss the game.

*K returned to work, and the Lady Bug survived (thrived?) at the sitter's house.  When K arrived at the end of the day, a little boy ushered her in to "See what we did?!!"  And there was the Bug sound asleep in her bouncer. He obviously took some ownership in Bug's sleeping so peacefully!

*There was a dance practice for the musical yesterday.  I planned it for 9 in the morning, but the choreographer is a local theater guy and you know they don't operate in the morning hours.  (Lord forbid anyone wakes up before 11!)  Practice was switched to noon, so...

*The Mr. went to the U town game without me.  (And it was a good one!)  He met up with Crazy Cousin Mike, his wife, and boys.  I can't believe I missed it!  Sadness.

*The Mr. and I are headed to a family reunion today.  Good food, a lot of my favorite people, and beautiful weather--  it doesn't get much better.  I'm hoping it includes a drive around my favorite lake.  (I always look for a house to buy, so I can retire there.  Well, that's the pipe dream.)

*In between all this, I am working on the show and trying to keep up in the classroom.  I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I think I could use a trip to some tropical resort (or a house at that lake!) and a whole lot of drinks with little umbrellas!

I'm hoping life is under control soon.  My Boy Principal tells me that I haven't got the whole "theater director" attitude down yet.  I have to "act" like I don't care, and then assume I will land on my feet.  Like that's ever going to happen...!

Signing off,
Control Freak Totally Out Of Control!

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holybovine said...

Dang! I meant to get out around the lake and take some photos. Next time...